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PPP Public Private Partnerships in Canada - factors for success


Making the Most of Public-Private Partnerships: What the World can Learn from Canada

Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) may have originated in the United Kingdom and developed in a number of other countries such as Australia, but no country has come close to Canada in perfecting the model, and it is something from which the rest of the world can learn. That is the message from the latest white paper from Service Works Group (SWG), the leading PPP operational performance management and integrated payment mechanism software provider, in collaboration with the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships (CCPPP).

The white paper identifies the key factors that have contributed to policy success in Canada, which has seen more than 200 infrastructure projects representing over C$70 billion of capital investment from projects which have reached financial close.

Against a backdrop of a global infrastructure challenges, the white paper covers the key determinants of PPP success in Canada including:

  • a stable pipeline
  • efficient procurement
  • a diverse market for project finance
  • a supportive political environment

“The white paper provides essential insight into the growth of the PPP market in Canada. It explains how the extent of the trust between the public and private sector, combined with a strong legal framework and a competitive and efficient market have been some of the key drivers in successful infrastructure development,” says Gary Watkins, CEO for the Service Works Group of Companies. “Service Works is delighted to have collaborated with the CCPPP on this publication.”

“As this white paper demonstrates, Canada is an international leader in the successful use of PPPs to meet our infrastructure needs, and that has had a tremendously positive impact on job creation and economic growth in this country. Our evidence-based research aims to promote best practices in public-private partnerships so that innovative approaches to infrastructure development are achieved in Canada and abroad” adds Mark Romoff, CCPPP President and CEO.

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