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Service Works and CCPPP PPP Operational Phase white paper

The strategic priority within Public Private-Partnerships (PPPs or P3s) is shifting from ‘doing deals’ to ensuring that existing assets are being operated and maintained well. However, challenges in the operational phase of the PPP can affect value for money for the contract, so must be considered and addressed carefully. Insight into this phase is detailed in the latest white paper from Service Works Group (SWG), the leading PPP performance management and integrated payment mechanism software provider, in partnership with the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships (CCPPP).

The publication, Cost Control and Financial Awareness in the Operational Phase of PPPs, reviews the key challenges and examines solutions for addressing them, focusing on creating strong and enduring relationships between the public and private sector stakeholders.

The advice given in the report to ensure operational success includes:

1) Developing a robust and effective partnership between the parties
2) Translating the contract into a clear performance management system
3) Understanding the benefits of accurate information and communication
4) Adopting appropriate performance management software

“A key part of the premise of the PPP model is the focus on achieving value for money over the project’s lifecycle, helping to avoid the widespread tendency of governments to underinvest in operations and maintenance,” explains Gary Watkins, CEO of SWG. “This report therefore focuses on the aspects that are most relevant to creating strong and enduring operational relationships between the public and private sector parties. We are pleased to partner with the CCPPP on this white paper, helping to provide guidance and best practice in PPP relationship management.”

Mark Romoff, President and CEO of the CCPPP adds: “Potential problems need to be identified, assessed and mitigated at an early stage, not responded to as they emerge. Preventative action begins prior to contract signature, so the insight contained in this new publication is essential reading for anyone involved in the operational phase of PPP contracts.”

To receive your complimentary copy of the new white paper Cost Control and Financial Awareness in the Operational Phase of Public Private Partnerships, or for further information, please email info@swg.com or call +44 (0)20 8877 4080.

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