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The Stoddard Review - improving productivity in the workplace

Service Works Group (SWG) is proud to announce that is has become a supporting organisation for the Stoddart Review. The review, launched in May 2016, was established to bring together the thoughts of business leaders and world-leading thinkers in the provision of high performing workplaces.

It has been well documented that productivity rates in the UK are not favourable. According to the Leesman Index only 54% of employees agreed that their workplace enables them to work productively, with the majority of organisations focusing on cost not value.

Gary Watkins, CEO, Service Works Group, commented: “The workplace productivity puzzle is not a new concept, yet it remains a growing problem that can be alleviated if the FM industry takes on increased responsibility.  Collectively, we need to ensure that through the use of workplace data, technology and the output of the Stoddart review, we enforce the view that the workplace is a key driver in organisational performance.”

About The Stoddart Review:
The Stoddart Review has been established as a periodical publication to give voice and raise awareness on key issues around the FM profession. This is in honour of Christopher Stoddart who passed away in 2014; a group of professionals from differing backgrounds came together inspired by Chris’s work to continue and build on his legacy and vision for the role that workplace has to play in business and society.