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Facilities management survey results - Service Works Group

Leaps ahead or lagging behind? Survey aims to build a picture of FM software in the UK

Since facilities management software was introduced in the UK in the late 1980s, the industry has come a long way and FM software has secured an important place both in facilities departments and across the wider organisation. At times it’s difficult to stay abreast of FM software trends and to appreciate how quickly and effectively innovation is being accepted and adopted.

The Facilities Show, in collaboration with international FM software provider Service Works Group, is conducting the latest UK FM Software Survey which aims to provide the most complete and thought-provoking picture of how technology is impacting the profession. The survey has been designed to uncover the latest industry trends, needs and opinions of software in the FM sector, with a view to providing a complete picture.

To participate in the 2014/15 FM Software Survey, please click here.

Participants have the chance to enter into a prize draw to win a Gordon Ramsay Tasting Menu Experience for two, an iPad mini or one of three £100 shopping vouchers. Participants will also receive a copy of the report, enabling them to compare their own FM software experience with other organisations across the UK.