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This time of the year we would normally be looking forward to meeting with our many clients and  partners in person at the Facilities Show, which sadly has been cancelled this year. However we’re pleased to be participating in Facilities Show Connect 2021 throughout June so we hope to be able to catch up with you there. You can see our new Product Demo video session here that covers our CMMS, space management, BIM and digitisation services. Also the Data Driven Decision Making session here where we participate in a panel to discuss how FM has become more reliant on data and technology. 

We’re also pleased to share with you an update on how Service Works Global is working to help facilities management professionals across the world.  

Software launches

Cyber Security
Increases in cyberattacks means security is an increasingly high priority for businesses around the world. At SWG we are committed to providing secure software to our clients through our software development efforts which includes significant investment in external penetration testing to protect against hackers. 

QFM Bookings on Smartphones
We have optimised QFM Bookings for smartphones as people are increasingly working ‘on the go’. Users can interactively view floorplans and book rooms and desks via a PC or mobile device before entering the office; helping ensure that social distancing measures are upheld for returning workforces. 

QFM Room Audits
Following the release of new QFM auditing tools at the end of last year, users can now pair them with SWG’s Reporting Connector to monitor elements and services of interest associated with rooms. The QFM Room Audits module allows organisations to monitor room elements and services in line with company or industry standards (i.e. healthcare cleaning standards) through a series of inspection audits. QFM Room Audits allows users to define the auditing frequency based on functional risk areas and allows organisations to track the progress with full management of data collected.  The Room Audits module complements QFMs comprehensive auditing product suite which also includes Job and Service Audits.


New SWG Client Case Studies
We’ve also released three new client case studies, each using QFM software in different ways to fit their own business objectives.

  • Leading UK service provider Mitie is managing FM services across 32 education and healthcare PPP contracts using our integrated paymech.
  • Curtin University in Australia is turning its campus in Perth into a ‘City of Innovation’ and required a flexible integrated maintenance and workflow management system to support the rapid expansion. 
  • Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust operates across 280 sites, and QFM helped dramatically improve their reaction time and speed of service, enhancing the standard of patient care.

UK BIM Alliance
SWG joined the UK BIM Alliance as Platinum+ members this year, in addition to our 15 year partnership with the Swedish BIM Alliance.

The sponsorship means that SWG becomes an active member of  the Technology Working Group that covers topics around innovation and national standards to transform and future proof the way the industry works. As the only FM software provider within the UK BIM Alliance, we look forward to helping the industry adopt the use of BIM for the operational aspect of the building lifecycle.     

Knowledge share

BIM and Digitisation Webinar Series 
Continuing the BIM theme, we’ve recently delivered a three-part webinar series for North American facility and property managers. Our team have explained why paper drawings should be digitised and how it can be done, and demonstrated laser scanning and the creation of a 3D BIM model. This is then followed by a webinar looking at how to build and benefits from a digital twin. Watch them all here.

Quick Guide for the Modern FM
As a global FM software provider, we’re in daily conversation with facilities management professionals at all levels. We’ve put together a guide of some of the subjects we are most asked about, particularly in relation to data management. Quick Guide for the Modern FM covers an overview of asset management, building information modelling (BIM), sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT), and what to look for when choosing new computerised maintenance management system (CMMS).

The Role of Data and 5 Benefits of CMMS Software 
We have also been in the industry press discussing how data is helping FMs through the pandemic. In FMJ, CEO Gary Watkins talks about the role of data now and for future asset, building and staff wellbeing, and in Engineering & Maintenance magazine Watkins breaks down CMMS into five benefits.


We trust you found this newsletter of interest. Feel free to contact us  with particular items or topics of interest you would like to see covered in future newsletters. Meanwhile, for more information about how Service Works Global and QFM software can help you with FM, PPP, BIM or space management, contact us, or request a demonstration 


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