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Manage linear assets with CMMS software from SWG

Improve the reliability, safety and efficiency of linear assets such as roads, rail, waterways or street lighting. QFM linear asset management software enables the effective management of complex infrastructure spanning long distances, with changing characteristics and conditions across the network. Live reporting supports the management of performance based contracts and public-private partnership (PPP) contracts.

A GPS interface with Google MapsTM provides a graphical view of all maintenance activities and a fully configurable search feature including using co-ordinates, job type or radial distance, displays assets and related information, such as road closures, accidents or traffic.

  • Captures long-term maintenance expenditure of linear assets including roads, rail, lighting, power lines and pipelines
  • Predicts the cost of maintaining infrastructure over a specified timescale
  • Ensures compliance with strict safety standards
  • Delivers energy savings through the improved maintenance of equipment (e.g. street lighting)
  • Comprehensive live reporting supports strategic decision-making and aids communication
  • Integrates with other QFM modules to provide a unified solution for the management of discrete and linear assets

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