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Locker management agile working

As more businesses move towards a hybrid working strategy and clear desk policies to facilitate easier cleaning following the pandemic, the requirement for flexible storage space is growing. QFM Space offers comprehensive locker management functionality, giving your organisation complete control over how lockers are assigned, planned and analysed. This can complement an agile desk strategy but is also frequently used as a stand-alone solution for employees who only require a locker.

  • Simple locker assignment in seconds
  • Pick lockers from floorplans or by locker number
  • View status by colour – vacant, allocated, out of order, or date available
  • Single click SMS or email communications with employees regarding locker assignment, reassignment or notice for vacating a locker
  • Plan locker assignments in advance using the QFM Space move planning tool, whether for long-term bookings or agile working
  • Report on a range of data including occupancy, vacancies, allocation by department, multiple allocations

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