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Efficient space reporting QFM software by Service Works Global

QFM Space comes equipped with a broad range of reports to enable you to gain accurate insight into space utilisation and growth trend analysis. All reports are user configurable, allowing any standard report to be adapted to your organisation’s unique requirements, with the ability to include graphs and dynamic floor plans. Dashboard reporting provides at-a-glance visibility of space data for a particular location, building or floor, or an entire portfolio.

  • Real-time space utilisation and occupancy reporting supports the strategic management of space to deliver business value
  • Ability to define pre-set optimum values for dashboard reports, with values displayed in green or red should they fall outside of the optimum range
  • Asbestos location reporting enables effective risk management and ensures health and safety compliance
  • Detailed space usage forecast reports support strategic planning
  • Historical changes to space data are recorded to ensure complete auditability
  • Flexible security controls allow you to determine which users can run reports

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