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As July approaches, Service Works Global looks back on the progress and key updates from the last quarter. Our latest newsletter highlights SWG’s participation in key industry events and discusses how new technology is impacting FM. It also celebrates the fantastic contributions to FM by some of our clients across the globe and introduces the recently released white paper on smart building technology. Read on to find out more.


SWG at the Facilities Show: Exploring the Future of FM

We were pleased to return to the largest facilities management exhibition in the UK, the Facilities Show, to showcase our market-leading software, QFM, Archibus, QFM Space and QFM BIMi. It was a fantastic opportunity for our experts to connect with many industry professionals and explore the challenges that technology can alleviate. We hope those of you that visited found it useful and if you missed us, you can browse our resources or book a demonstration now.

Protecting Historic Buildings with Digital Models

The importance of preserving historic and cultural buildings mainly focuses on ongoing care and upkeep, however, it is equally important to prepare for worst-case scenarios where a building might suffer extensive damage. With the support of reality capture technology, Service Works Global has developed the basis for a digital twin of Sweden’s Nordic Museum building, with accurate interior and exterior measurements, in addition to relationship documents for remodelling and repairs.  It ensures that this prestigious building, with its towers and pinnacles, sculptures and reliefs, spiers and high gables is documented digitally and can be preserved.

The case study was recently featured in the UK publication, iFM, where Hazel Bedson, Marketing and Operations Director at SWG, shared advice on how digital models of historic buildings can act as a back-up in the case of extensive damage and provide immediate benefits to building and facilities managers.

Addressing AI and its Potential

SWG’s Group CEO, Gary Watkins, CTO, Paul McCarthy and SWG Nordic CEO, Mats Broman joined colleagues of our parent company Addnode Group in attending a Tech Forum event in central London hosted by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK entitled “The Age of AI”. The event looked at the rapid rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and how it can be used as a force for change. Addnode Group and SWG are committed to developing cutting-edge technology solutions that digitalise society; the event provided plenty of insights to support SWG’s long-term product strategy and meet the future needs of our customers.

BIM and FM Knowledge Share

Work Permits and Compliance

Our Regional Account Manager, Penny Brinsley, featured in the April edition of PFM discussing the benefits of a work permit solution in maintaining compliance and ensuring worker safety. A large part of ensuring health & safety standards are maintained comes down to having the appropriate compliance checks in place. A work permits solution, when integrated into existing CMMS software, allows organisations to prioritise health and safety, attach additional accreditations, and maintain control over work on their sites.

Making a Real Difference

World FM Day is a chance to highlight important areas within the facilities management industry and praise the vital work the industry contributes to businesses worldwide. This year’s theme was all about ‘making a real difference’ and we looked at some of our clients progressing in this area; the dedicated care provided by Southern Health, the march towards sustainability by Curtin University, and the preservation of historic value by the Nordic Museum.

Wellness in the Workplace

As businesses continue adapting to the new ways of working and attracting employees back to the workplace, it has become increasingly clear that more needs to be done. One way that businesses can create better wellbeing outcomes for their employees is by integrating smart building technology into the office. Hazel Bedson, SWG’s Operations & Marketing Director, spoke to Energy Manager Magazine about how smart building technology can support wellness in the workplace and increase talent retention.

Seven Steps to Creating a Smart Building

SWG has released a new whitepaper ‘The Art of the Possible: IoT, Smart Buildings and Digital Twins’ detailing the steps to create a Smart Building, and breaking it down into manageable chunks. The paper dispels the assumption that numerous technology systems are required to have a smart building or a digital twin, or that it needs to be a costly endeavour. No matter the budget or scale of the project, the type of building, or industry it operates in, smart building technology can be integrated and deliver numerous benefits. Download our free whitepaper here.


For more details on any of these items, please email us at info@swg.com.

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