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This year’s World FM Day is all about ‘making a real difference’. As stated by IWFM, the day will hope to “recognise and celebrate the vital work that workplace and facilities managers and the wider industry contributes to businesses worldwide. It aims to raise the profile of the facilities profession anywhere that its practitioners influence the health, safety, productivity, and wellbeing of people who use the built environment.” 

Since its creation in 2009, World Facilities Management Day has sought to highlight important areas within our industry. This year, the focus is centred around the efforts of those who work within facilities management to ensure the comfort, safety and value of their environment. For example, hospitals and their staff provide an invaluable contribution to their community by ensuring efficient compliance, cleaning and security. For FM Day, we will be celebrating some of our clients; the dedicated care provided by Southern Health, the march towards sustainability by Curtin University, and the preservation of historic value by the Nordic Museum. 

John Carrillo, chairman of Global FM, stated: “Many of you know that a changing paradigm has dramatically accelerated due to a renewed focus on key FM emerging topics. Specifically, sustainability, resilience and corporate responsibility are now centre stage for leaders worldwide. These topics significantly impact corporate decision-making, and the Facility Manager stands at a crossroad where they all converge. Expanding your skill set with the integration of IOT, Smart digitisation technology with key corporate strategies will provide an golden opportunity to increase the value of the Facility Manager within any organization. We want to prepare FM’s for what’s ahead and for you to boldly lead into the future. Thank You FM’s for Making a Real Difference.” 


Case Study

Southern Health

Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust includes a team of 6,500 staff and 300 sites, whilst covering a population of an estimated 1.5 million people. They are an example of how technology can be leveraged to streamline facilities and estates operations in the healthcare sector, enhancing the standard of patient care and delivering optimum value to the community. You can find out more by clicking here.

Curtin University              


Curtin University, based in Australia and ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide, is on a mission to create a ‘city of innovation’ by focusing on sustainable living and cultural diversity. Curtin has invested significantly in its modern campuses, and the properties team is responsible for innovative projects. In 2015, the university was awarded Australia’s first 5-star ‘Green Star-Communities’ for its ‘Greater Curtin’ strategy and was re-certified in 2020 with an even more impressive 6-star ‘Green Star Communities’ rating. You can find out more by clicking here.

Nordic Museum


The Nordic Museum decided to capture a digital twin of the buildings in order to preserve their historical presence. As stated by Kennet Blixt, Director of Properties for the Nordic Museum, “The catastrophic fire in Notre Dame in 2019 highlighted how important it is to have building information updated and available. I am pleased to say that we have that data now for the Nordic Museum”. You can find out more by clicking here.



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