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QFM Express - Quickly Mobilised Hosted CMMS

Mobilise FM services quickly, easily and cost-effectively with QFM Express software. Our web and mobile-enabled SaaS solution will maximise the efficiency of building and service operations particularly in response to changes brought about by COVID-19.

QFM Express is a light, hosted version of our QFM CMMS software, designed for small and medium size organisations who require a less expensive solution that is easy to set-up and quick to mobilise.  

Whilst plug and play, QFM Express has customisable tools including pre-set schedules enabling service schedules to be assigned according to geographies.  

SWG offers rapid implementation services which along with online training programmes, enable clients to get up and running in just a few days 

  • Improves FM service quality and event activity 
  • Respond quickly to FM operations changes as a consequence of COVID-19  
  • No IT skills or infrastructure required for implementation 
  • Quick and easy mobilisation 
  • Web and mobile functionality 
  • Pre-configured lists for plug and play 
  • A proven solution, suitable for all industries 
  • A fraction of the cost of a typical CMMS 
  • No help desk required to manage 
  • Provides an immediate short terms solution that can be upgraded to SWG’s full suite QFM solution whenever required in the future 
  • Scalable software to meet the demands of your growing business needs 

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