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BIM laser scanning and digitized drawings

“QFM software has helped us transform our FM processes in order to save money, provide a stronger and more responsive service, and ensure that LifeCare meets the stringent standards for Australian aged care.”

In a competitive, time-sensitive environment such as aged care, QFM is essential to manage and streamline hard and soft services to ensure that deadlines are met and budgets are managed.

Furthermore, with reliable equipment and clean, secure surroundings, care givers can focus on the residents to meet their needs without undue disruption.

The impact of a failing asset or medical equipment can have dramatic repercussions in an aged care environment, but computer aided facilities management (CAFM) software can have a huge impact in this area. QFM can track each asset across its lifetime and provide the ability to calculate and create the most efficient maintenance schedules in order to reduce expenditure and improve performance.

Linked to an FM help desk, field-based change orders, repairs and calibration requests are managed and prioritised by urgency. Work is immediately sent to the FM team or contractors, reducing and avoiding delays that risk senior safety in aged care facilities.

QFM tools for aged care include:

  • Reactive and planned maintenance scheduling
  • SLA and multi-contract management
  • Visitor check-in services
  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Self-service for residents and contractors
  • Mobile app

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