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IWMS hot desk booking software - Service Works Global

In the modern workplace, there has been a trend towards flexible working and shared workspace, creating a collaborative working environment whilst reducing costs. Long gone are the days when desks were assigned to individuals and only used for a fraction of the time, tying up money in redundant space. QFM Space software allows you to effectively manage flexible workspace such as hot desks in order to support mobile employees and contractors, so they can be assured of a desk and touch down areas when they need to work in the office.

  • Workspace search via interactive floor plan shows real-time hot desk availability
  • Ability to search for hot desks adjoining a specific colleague or department
  • Graphical floor plans display locations of supporting resources and services
  • Web-based interface allows remote employees to book a hot desk via a browser from any location
  • Configurable processes allow business rules to be applied to booking processes
  • Comprehensive reporting feature provides insight into desk usage to help increase utilization

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