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Facilities Management Software for Independent Schools by SWG

QFM software from Service Works is suite of mobile and web-enabled Facilities and Estates Management tools which streamlines the management of a wide range of asset, building and service activities to optimise estates efficiency, improve service delivery and reduce operational costs.

We have a dedicated team of specialists working with the education sector – all of whom have longstanding experience of delivering estates management software to independent schools. This is because our flagship software solution, QFM, has been extensively implemented across the private education sector, enabling independent schools to effectively manage reactive and planned maintenance activity and fulfil their statutory compliance obligations.

QFM adds value and underpins high quality teaching services through effective estates management.
Benefits include:

  • Sustainable reductions in school estates maintenance costs
  • Intelligent scheduling of planned maintenance activities around key events and aiding planning for summer works
  • Optimising asset value through reduced downtime and lower cost of ownership, thereby improving equipment availability to support high teaching standards
  • Effective management of staff and sub-contractor workload in order to increase efficiency
  • Peace of mind for effective health, safety and statutory requirements management
  • Supporting documentation for CRB checks with annual reminders automatically issued
  • 24/7 online self-service logging of jobs for boarding houses, so that events can be raised by staff after the academic day
  • Centralised booking of sports and leisure facilities, school vehicles and out-of-hours hiring of space, with cross-charging and invoicing, to aid budgetary control
  • Easy-to-use dashboard management reporting to support informed decision making

Our education team can guide you through the entire software implementation process, from initial consideration through to step-by-step-guidance as you go live with QFM software and beyond. QFM software can either be hosted securely in the cloud or installed on your internal network, with flexible pricing and delivery options to meet the needs and budgets of all educational institutions.

To request further information or book a demonstration of QFM Software, please click here.


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