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QFM BIM Software for FM or Construction

Manage your entire building’s operational lifecycle with Service Works Global’s comprehensive BIM software and services package.

Whether your building was newly constructed using BIM, or BIM is being added to an existing building, SWG’s software can manage the data and 2D / 3D models to provide secure, easily accessed, actionable information.

QFM BIM software makes light work of complex, extensive BIM data, allowing those not familiar with CAD or BIM tools to access and report on data with ease. Data can be sorted, filtered, grouped and tagged, and access controls ensure information is only modified by those with the correct permissions.

Our software has been developed for seamless bi-directional integration with other systems including QFM IWMS software, Revit, ArchiCAD and IFC. This system of secure data sharing reduces data duplication and increases accuracy across the whole building lifecycle.

What are the benefits of BIM for facility management
April 2021

Top 5 Benefits of BIM in FM

Why is BIM growing in facility management? Read our top five benefits of BIM for FM teams.

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How BIM is affecting facility management worldwide
April 2021

Why Should You Be Digitizing Your Site? New Webinar Series

Join our free webinar series to learn how any building can be digitized – whether it be housing, office, retail unit, hospital or stadium – and see the benefits to FM.

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March 2021

QFM Supports Innovation and Growth at Curtin University

How QFM is supporting innovation and expansion at this modern, forward thinking university.

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