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QFM Permits to work is a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for the provision of work permits, from the initial request through approval and publication to the on-site operative. The module streamlines the process of requesting and obtaining work permits, allowing organisations to ensure work is carried out successfully, safely and within a set time frame.

SWG’s permits functionality integrates with the wider QFM IWFM software offering and provides organisations with an easy-to-use permit approval and allocation solution.

  • Staff and contractors can initiate a new permit application, directly within QFM
  • Pre-set approval workflows allow users to assign, reject, and cancel permits as needed
  • A full approval audit is available, showing person, date, action, and any relevant comments
  • Permit applications can include specific hazards and equipment, and link them to relevant jobs within QFM, to ensure safety and maintain compliance
  • Permit workflows can be set up with multiple approval stages to ensure accuracy and security for users
  • Managers can see any open work permits assigned to them that require reviewing at any time to maintain control and increase productivity

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