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QFM BIM - BIM building information modelling software

Manage your entire building’s operational lifecycle with Service Works’ comprehensive BIM software and services package. QFM BIM allows FMs to export asset data from the BIM database to automatically create a detailed and accurate asset register. A 2D or 3D model shows this data as an easy to understand, accurate picture of the building and assets, including location, make, model, part serial numbers, maintenance history and test certificates.

Two way integration means assets can be updated as usual in QFM fields and updated automatically within the model – no technical design or CAD knowledge is required.

For existing buildings constructed without BIM, 3D models can be created at any point through Service Works’ reality capture services – click here to read more.

  • View every asset’s details and location through a digital 3D model
  • Keeps data clean – QFM BIM imports only relevant asset information from COBie, IFC drawings or Revit
  • Two way integration – update asset data via QFM and changes will be automatically made on the QFM BIM model
  • Streamline planned and reactive maintenance through increased understanding of the facility
  • Optimize space management through unrivalled understanding of space utilization and requirement
  • Use the 3D model to plan placement of sensors for either control and monitoring or for an IoT network

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