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Service Works Global investigates the effect of CMMS on healthcare
February 2017

CMMS in Healthcare – A Big Opportunity

The Facilities Management Forum asked Service Works’ CEO, Gary Watkins, to write a guest blog on the challenges facing healthcare and how software solutions can help them overcome these.

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The Stoddard Review - outlining how businesses can improving productivity
December 2016

Service Works Global Supports The Stoddart Review

Service Works Global is proud to announce that is has become a supporting organisation for the Stoddart Review, which was established to bring together the thoughts of business leaders and world-leading thinkers in the provision of high performing workplaces.

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What will the future of FM hold? Service Works predicts 10 technology trends in FM
October 2016

2017 Top Tech Trends for FM

Service Works predicts ten technology trends that facility managers can expect to plan for in 2017, including mobile, IoT and wearables for FMs.

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Top 5 reasons why you need a CMMS system by Service Works Global
February 2016

Top Five Reasons to Implement CMMS

Top Five Reasons to Implement CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System), such as cost, accuracy, flexibility, integration and optimum use of big data for performance.

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Case Study: How the parliament of NSW use CAFM software for facilities management
November 2015

QFM Software Serves the New South Wales Parliament

As published in the November issue of Facility Management magazine, this article explains how QFM Software from Service Works Global has enabled the Parliament of New South Wales to streamline maintenance job-logging processes, create efficiencies and ensure complete FM auditability.

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Facilities Management: What will 2016 bring? SWG gives its predictions
October 2015

Top 10 Emerging Tech Trends for FMs in 2016

Service Works Global has released its top 10 predictions in FM technology trends for 2016 and what these mean for facilities managers to remain competitive and relevant as the industry adapts to meet changes in standards and growing demands.

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How smarter CMMS technology is enabling agile and flexible working
July 2015

Smarter Working

In this feature FMJ asks Service Works whether a truly complete mobile solution is feasible in the near future, and whether this could herald the end of the office

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Schooled in Service - How ACS International use QFM CMMS Software
June 2015

Schooled in Service

This article examines how QFM Software from Service Works Global has played a vital role in enhancing service delivery at ACS International Schools in London.

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BIFM Good Practice Guide to Selecting FM Software
April 2015

Good Practice Guide to Selecting FM Software

Published by the BIFM in collaboration with Service Works, the guide provides information about the critical issues involved in selecting and implementing a software solution for FM and looks at key technology trends that may influence the decision-making processes.

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How smarter CMMS technology is enabling agile and flexible working
March 2015

The Future of Everything

Service Works takes part in an article by FMJ (Facilities Management Journal), asking what industry experts think the workplace of twenty years will look like, and what role CMMS will play.

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SWG and Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships (CCPPP) look into successful P3 projects in Canada
December 2014

The World’s Most Successful P3 Market

Published by P3 Bulletin, this article reviews the new white paper from Service Works in collaboration with the CCPPP, which examines the development and performance of P3 projects in Canada and the key factors that have contributed to its success.

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Service Works Global examines the UK government’s PF2 reform and opportunities for Canada
November 2014

Canada’s Next Top Model?

Published by ReNew Canada, this article examines the UK government’s new approach to Public-Private Partnerships, known as PF2. It outlines how the model differs from its predecessors and considers whether the PF2 program can offer any new initiatives for the mature Canadian P3 market.

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Edith Cowan University and QFM facilities management software from Service Works Global
November 2014

Mastering Facilities Management at Edith Cowan University

This article examines how Edith Cowan University manages the renewal and expansion of its estate. The University recognises the importance of maintaining its facilities in order to remain at the forefront of academic and research excellence. It uses QFM Software to manage its buildings and services and the product’s inbuilt reporting to identify trends and drive strategy.

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Performance Management for Maintenance Management
November 2014

Stepping Up Your Performance Management

This article, based on Service Works’ white paper ‘Performance Excellence in Maintenance Management’, looks at the importance of demonstrating good performance and the measures that maintenance teams can implement to improve operational output.

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Service Works Global discusses how future IWMS systems will benefit facilities managers
October 2014

Mindful of the Future

Industry expert Gary Watkins, CEO of Service Works, and other CAFM professionals discuss the relevance and future of CAFM systems with the rapid advancements in technology.

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Gary Watkins, CEO of Service Works Global remarks on the content of the UK's PF2 reform
September 2014

The Prodigal Son

In 2012, the UK government announced reforms to the Private Finance Initiative, through a new Public-Private Partnership model called PF2. This article explores the technical content of PF2 reform, focusing on the substantive changes which have been introduced, why they matter and the impact to date on the FM sector.

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Results of the 2014 UK Facilities Management Software Acronyms Poll conducted by Service Works Global
August 2014

FM Software Acronyms Poll Reveals Confusion

A recent poll by Service Works revealed that the numerous acronyms used to describe FM software are causing confusion. A variety of different terms, including CAFM, CMMS, IWMS and MMS are used, but many believe that they all offer broadly similar functionality.

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The Importance of BIM - industry discussion by Service Works Global (SWG)
July 2014

The Ostrich Dilemma

In this PFM cover story, FM industry experts discuss the importance of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the importance of generating awareness.

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Service Works Global comments on the content of the UK's PF2 reform - Gary Watkins
July 2014

PF2: A Clear Investment

In this Partnerships Bulletin article, Gary Watkins Service Works’ CEO, looks at the policy changes that accompany the UK’s PF2 reform and how these changes will affect the market and its stakeholders.

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Build and manage a successful IWMS software implementation project plan using Service Works Global's checklist
July 2014

CMMS: A Planned Attack

This article explores the challenges Maintenance Managers face when selecting a computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) system.

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