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In Kålltorp, Sweden, SGS Studentbostäder (which translates as ‘Student Housing’, in English) is building 123 student apartments. Service Works Global (SWG) has been commissioned to deliver vizualisation technology to the SGS student housing portal so that they can offer prospective tenants a digital preview and the opportunity to experience the apartment from the convenience of any location. Users can walk from room to room and get a genuine feel for the atmosphere. At client request, for this project, a medium level of detail has been used; SWG can offer clients a low, medium or high level of detail as required.

With the help of three-dimensional floor plans, the tenant can get a good overview and measurements of all rooms in the new home.


“Thanks to the fact that prospective students themselves have the opportunity to go on a digital tour and get a complete overview of the apartment, both via the 3D floor plan and the 3D vizualisation, we managed to rent out all the apartments in this project without the need for a single physical viewing. During the pandemic, it was a very successful solution for our prospective students and for our own staff,” says Neshat Alizadeh head of administration at SGS Studentbostäder.

“The fact that there is also the capability to measure from the floor plan allows the students to obtain a good grasp of all the proportions and start planning how the apartment will be decorated”, explains Alizadeh.

Click here to experience the apartment. Walk around by clicking on the white balloons or by swiping the screen. You can also start the camera in your smartphone, point it at the QR code and click the link that appears on the screen for a digital tour.


The vizualisation service is created for browsers, which means it can be used on computer, tablet or smartphone without the need for an app being installed. The SGS Studentbostäder project also included creating three-dimensional floor plans enabling tenants to vizualise all the rooms in an apartment.





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