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Stockholm City Hall in Sweden

Stockholm City Hall Utilises SWG’s BIM & Digitization Technology

SWG has been commissioned by the City of Stockholm to 3D laser scan the facades, roof and courtyard of Stockholm City Hall, one of Sweden’s most famous and well-visited landmarks.  

This work has resulted in the delivery of an accurate BIM (building information modeling) model with a high level of detail, ensuring that Stockholm City Hall gets correct geometries and a complete navigable 3D model where everything can be easily displayed, viewed, and measured. 

The assignment was made in connection with the City of Stockholm changing the lightning protection system at the city hall, and then saw a need to produce up-to-date, accurate digital drawings of the building, a big step forward as many of the existing drawings were nearly 100 years old. 


A 3D BIM Model opens up additional possibilities

Ability to make virtual site visits and take precise measurements in the point cloud. Then the number of site visits for designers can be reduced and lead to savings in time and money as well as reduced environmental impact. 

The daily operation, maintenance planning and future construction projects become easier, safer, and more economically efficient with the correct drawing documents secured and digitized.  

Ongoing facade and roof inspections, to see cracks, weathering in the facade and how the roofs are affected by weather and wind, can be done without physically being on site. It contributes to the work being more time-efficient and can be done with great accuracy.  

Furthermore, the 3D BIM Model is in line with the sustainability goals of the city of Stockholm and with the National Heritage Board’s guidelines for the preservation of cultural buildings. 

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Photo Copyright: Yanan Li


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