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Survey Reveals Industry Need for Clear Long-Term Vision of the Benefits of FM Software

FM software plays a crucial role in helping facilities managers to meet the challenges of improving the performance of staff, contractors, and assets, and reducing spend. However, a recent survey, conducted by Service Works Group in collaboration with the Facilities Show revealed that the industry must cut through the jargon to create a clear picture of how FM technology can demonstrate the long-term value of facilities management through improved data quality, auditability, and compliance.

The survey highlighted a number of key areas where FM software has delivered significant business benefits, including:

  • Increased FM efficiency, as stated by 73% of respondents
  • Improved auditability for 72% of organisations
  • Health and Safety compliance, according to 60% of respondents
  • Improved KPI & SLA Performance, for 56% of businesses
  • Cost savings, which were secured by 54% of respondents

Yet the survey revealed that the industry is tied up in confusing acronyms, leading to lack of understanding of FM software terminology and functionality. Over 40 per cent of respondents believe that acronyms such as CAFM, CMMS, IWMS, MMS, FMIS describe products with broadly similar functionality, and 25 per cent are unclear about any differences.

Emerging as key to the future of FM strategy were self-service technology and mobile capability (the latter of which was identified by 65 per cent of respondents as a significant FM technology trend) in order to support the increasingly pivotal role of FM in helping businesses achieve competitive advantage.

FM Software Survey 2015