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Service Works Global BIM Webinar - Benefits for FM

Guidance for Creating a BIM Model

Having access to all building information in a digital format through BIM can greatly improve efficiency. For example, gaining direct access to the location and specification of all assets and inventory on site, where sensors are located, or exact measurements of any area, can result in hours of time saved.

BIM is not just for new buildings – where there is no BIM model available, there are now a variety of methods for creating one. Service Works Global (SWG) has authored a new white paper that will help facilities managers understand if a BIM model is right for their organisation, how to create one, and the process this entails.

This white paper looks into several themes including:

  • Understanding if BIM is right for your organisation
  • The benefits of digitising building information
  • Choosing the most appropriate method of creating a BIM model
  • How to develop an implementation plan
  • The six steps of creating a BIM model

Download our complimentary white paper now