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Improve P3 Transparency and Auditability

The importance of carefully planning the implementation of operation and maintenance (O&M) software for public-private partnership (PPP or P3) contracts cannot be emphasized strongly enough.

A well-implemented system can significantly contribute to and strengthen stakeholder relationships, and demonstrate P3 value for money.

This white paper provides detail on:

  • planning and successfully implementing P3 O&M software, whether starting the process for the first time or replacing an existing system
  • how a well-designed P3 O&M software system, with an integrated payment mechanism, provides performance monitoring functionality in order to forewarn of potential service failures and penalty deductions
  • the role of O&M software in establishing a trustworthy flow of auditable information and creating an ethos of transparency among P3 project stakeholders -something that is very difficult to achieve using spreadsheets alone.

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