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PPP Performance management software FM service provider

For service providers, instant access to accurate and up-to-date performance data is essential in order to mitigate the potential for financial losses within PPP contracts. Where there are repeat failures and ratchet calculations for under performance, the impact on income can be severe. P3rform software provides the capability to monitor, predict and avoid such deductions, giving service providers real-time access to performance data, whilst capturing the complex interplay of events that occur over the lifecycle of PPP projects.

For both new and existing contracts, P3rform provides service providers with the capability to:

  • Creating mutual understanding of how PPP contract obligations will be realised
  • Offering FM service providers real-time data on performance so they can mitigate risks
  • Capturing the complexity of events that threaten cash flows over the lifecycle
  • Provide public sector clients with the transparent and auditable performance data they require
  • Protect income by capturing the complexity of unseen calculations rules such as thresholds, caps, ratchets, overlaps, roll up deductions, volume adjustments and gainshare/painshare elements
  • Manage change and value added by capturing elements of service provision beyond the contract remit
  • Reduce the need for specialist human resources to run the system, ensuring smooth-running over the contract period

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