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April 2023

5 Ways IWMS Can Improve Your PPMs

IWMS technology can improve PPMs within the FM sector, with benefits such as ensuring compliance, reducing call-out frequencies and increased efficiency.

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How does SFG20 help plan maintenance
January 2022

What Is SFG20?

SFG20 is recognized as the industry standard for building maintenance specifications, but how can you incorporate it into your our PPM schedules?

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A university challenge - how FM is improving education
June 2019

A University Challenge

There’s never been a tougher time to run a modern university. This week's blog looks at the challenges education facilities face and how they are being overcome.

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How to automate FM through IWMS software - SWG blog
October 2018

FM Automation Made Simple

While there are many perceived barriers to the automation, it is within the reach of FMs and can provide significant organisational change.

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2018 - UK - FM Trends
August 2018

Top 5 FM Technology Trends 2018

We reveal the top five technology trends that FM professionals are preparing for this year and beyond, following our 2018 UK FM Software Survey with FMJ.

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Is technology worth the price? FM Software survey
July 2018

Is Budget Limiting Tech in FM?

While some early adopters are certainly reaping the benefits of sensors and robotics, there are hurdles to overcome before these become widespread.

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UK User Group QFM IWMS software
March 2018

QFM User Group Summary

A look at the QFM User Group held in London last week, including guest client speakers from Luton & Dunstable NHS Trust and Anabas.

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Asset Management Asset Lifecycle Costings
April 2017

Data Driven Asset Management

Facilities managers are becoming increasingly savvy in their asset management, turning to data and software to manage their buildings and equipment, our 2017 APAC FM Software Survey has found.

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Making Sense of CAFM - blog by Service Works
April 2016

Making Sense of CAFM

What is CAFM? Read on to see what CAFM software does, and how it can benefit the facilities management in your business.

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