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IWMS tools for inhouse fm teams vs fm service providers

Whether your facility management is retained in-house or is outsourced to service providers, IWMS software is flexible and multi-functional to support any operational business objectives. The right system allows the team to provide first-class customer service and Service Works’ IWMS, QFM, also generates ROI in 12-18 months on average.

IWMS offers a wealth of features that in-house teams and FM service providers can pick and choose in order to meet their business objectives.

In-house FM

  • Direct ownership of data: The in-house team will own all data captured within the IWMS. This can be imported into new systems if required and analysed to gain meaningful insight and identification of trends to improve service levels.
  • Vendor relationship: A direct and ongoing relationship with the software supplier can facilitate an understanding of your business and lead to recommendations based on your particular business objectives and resources.
  • Flexibility: QFM offers a flexible and modular system, meaning in-house FMs can choose which functionality most benefits their facility, and upgrade at times of most convenience.
  • Cloud hosting: Hosting your software in the cloud means ongoing, round the clock updates and security are managed by the vendor without the need for work from an in-house IT department.
  • System integration: integrating an IWMS system with other software such as building management systems (BMS) provides improved response times due to early detection of potential failures and, for in-house FMs, integrating systems on the same network also offers less security issues compared to integrating external systems.

Service providers

  • Multi-contract management: Manage and report on multiple contracts. The data from each is ring fenced and secure, but with the option to share common ground such as contractors, parts or help desk functionality to save time rekeying information and increase accuracy.
  • Dashboards: An online report centre can be created for clients, with colours and logos to reflect their brand, and providing the live performance and budgetary information that each requires.
  • Mobile app: Service Works’ QFM app is ideal for a varied workforce, optimised for Apple, Android and ruggedized devices as well as offering offline functionality to keep work flowing even in areas of no reception.
  • Auto-allocation: Automated resource management assigns work to contractors based on their skills, availability and location, reducing mistakes and removing the challenges of a large of changing workforce.
  • Lifecycle management: Asset lifecycle management tools capture long term maintenance expenditure against assets to predict future cost – proving essential information for budget planning and calculating contract bids.
  • Performance-based contracts: IWMS software can monitor SLAs and KPIs on a performance-based agreement with a sub-contractor to keep service levels high, and QFM’s integrated payment mechanism can automatically quantify the pain share or gain share payments due.

For more information on how Service Works Global’s IWMS software, QFM, can improve your service levels, contact us for a demonstration.

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