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Guide to choosing the right IWMS

Integrated workplace management system (IWMS) software has evolved significantly over the last decade. Developments in functionality, speed, stability and cloud access have taken IWMS from something ‘better than a spreadsheet’, to software that sits at the centre of facility management operations. IWMS can now be relied upon for mobile and remote workforces, automation, space management and integrations with other programs, sensors and BIM – in addition to managing FM services. However, all this advanced functionality does not equate to a necessity for advanced IT skills, and nor does it price FMs out of the market.

As you like it

Pick n’ mix isn’t just for the cinema; its popularity, gained from the freedom to choose preferred options, can also be applied to IWMS. While IWMS vendors now offer a wide range of functionality, it’s not all mandatory. Leading vendors offer modular software, allowing organizations to start with basic functionality like helpdesk, reactive maintenance and asset management tools, and then build on this as and when required. This not only allows organizations to reduce costs by not paying for what isn’t used, but a modular approach to IWMS also future proofs the software as newly developed features can be added without needing to upgrade the whole system or even replace it with a new system.

A partner for life

There’s a wide choice of  providers so it can be hard to know which to choose. In addition to looking for the functionality you need, you should seek a IWMS vendor that will actively work with your organization for as long as you use the software. At the buying stage, this means they should understand the particular problems at your organization that need solving, and recommend solutions to ensure the right products are chosen. Reputable vendors should offer support with implementation, training, questions, upgrades and keep you informed of new features and best practice. This is essential to make sure that you’re using the software effectively, and getting the most from your investment.

Service Works Global prides itself on working with companies from all sectors across the world, supporting and advising clients in order to provide them with the best service. One of our clients recently stated:

“The SWG team is a group of highly focussed and extremely professional individuals – every interaction is a pleasure. The team is always quick to respond and assist in the event of any issue, always managing to find a resolution or provide feedback and recommendations.” Shailen Gandabhai, Medirest

Intuitive interfaces

As CAFM has become more sophisticated, in most cases the user interface has become more intuitive. This mean a smoother transition from an old system, and a higher chance of user acceptance across the organization. SWG’s IWMS software, QFM, for example, uses drop-downs, lists, pre-populated text and workflows to help users complete tasks as quickly and accurately as possible. Complex tasks like evaluating performance penalties or calculating the asset lifecycle costing are done through the same interface, so all aspects of the software are quick to learn. Where other systems are integrated such as purchase order software or even BIM, information can be accessed from the IWMS – reducing the need for training and logging into multiple systems.

Download our complimentary Quick Guide to Buying IWMS, which includes ideas to consider when choosing a new or replacement system as well as handy project checklists.

For more information about how QFM or how our light, hosted version QFM Express could help boost your FM operations, contact us for a chat or an online demonstration.


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