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Improving FM work-life balance

Flexible working culture and growing workplace expectations have seen facility management rise in prominence, but a growing 24/7 work culture leaves FMs open to being ‘always on’ themselves. With work-life balance an elusive goal already, FMs must start leveraging technology like IWMS (integrated workplace management system) to help keep their work in check and facilities running efficiently.

  • Automate endless reporting.
    While a necessity, reporting may not always feel like a priority compared to the countless other tasks vying for immediate attention. Working from paper files or spreadsheets makes reporting time consuming and error-prone, but this process is performed quickly by an IWMS and can even be automated and emailed to stakeholders as required.
  • Take the guesswork out of planning.
    Replace, repair or maintain? Manual calculations and planning for each asset to balance performance and costs are challenging. IWMS makes light work of analysing data and recommends the most cost effective strategy.
  • Get it right first time.
    A live database of operative skillsets, shift patterns and location allows the helpdesk to dispatch jobs to the correct person to reduce return visits, either manually or automatically. This also improves team morale and productivity for both helpdesk and operatives.
  • Improve workflow.
    Supplying operatives with mobile devices (or enabling BYOD) with an IWMS app provides instant access to details of live jobs and deadlines, asset maintenance history and compliance data to speed up work resolution.
  • Delegate to the workplace.
    Free the helpdesk up by providing self-service FM to building users. Allow them to report problems, book resources or even report lost property 24/7 via their own computer or public computer, allowing the helpdesk more time to focus on operational performance.

Choosing the right IWMS system will radically reduce the amount of paperwork and administration time spent during the working day, and with ROI achieved in under 18 months, the investment is essential. Request our complimentary white paper, Best Practice Guide for Choosing and Implementing FM Software, for tips and areas for consideration.

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