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Optimising office and workspace with CAFM
August 2022

Creating Smarter Spaces

Whether your workspace is expanding or decreasing, decisions around change must be based on hard data. Read how companies are using space management software to assist.

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October 2018

Checking Out the Workplace

The importance of first impressions cannot be underestimated and a reception is the window to a business. How can FM software help improve public spaces?

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How to automate FM through IWMS software - SWG blog
October 2018

FM Automation Made Simple

While there are many perceived barriers to the automation, it is within the reach of FMs and can provide significant organisational change.

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How the estates team help with enrolments
September 2018

The Unsung Heroes of Education

Lighting and green space are proven factors in motivation, leading to better academic performance. How can the hard work of the estates team be made easier?

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Is technology worth the price? FM Software survey
July 2018

Is Budget Limiting Tech in FM?

While some early adopters are certainly reaping the benefits of sensors and robotics, there are hurdles to overcome before these become widespread.

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Fm software survey data management
June 2018

Pocket Technology Taking Hold in FM

FM Software Survey results show a significant increase in use of tech - demonstrating the industry’s requirement for accurate, understandable and secure data in order remain competitive and professional.

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UK User Group QFM IWMS software
March 2018

QFM User Group Summary

A look at the QFM User Group held in London last week, including guest client speakers from Luton & Dunstable NHS Trust and Anabas.

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How is the Living Wage affecting facilities management employees?
November 2017

Living Wage Week

The Living Wage provides fair pay for a fair day’s work, and is a voluntary rate higher than minimum wage. More employers are now signing up to this scheme...

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The art of customer satisfaction surveys CAFM software
October 2017

The Art of Customer Satisfaction

With the right technology in place, satisfaction can not only be gained but also measured and analysed in order to increase its occurrence in the future.

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Performance Based Contracts in FM and PPP
September 2017

Demystifying Performance Based Contracts

Put simply, performance based contracts provide incentives and disincentives to achieve desired outcomes or results from contractors, with the aim of reducing costs and improving service levels.

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Enabling positive experiences world fm day 2017
May 2017

Enabling Positive Experiences

This year's World FM Day celebrates facilities management with the theme of 'enabling positive experiences', boosting the profession's status across the globe.

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What is faciliities management self-service?
March 2017

What is Self-Service?

Self-Service - how mobile devices, public computers and kiosks can be easily implemented for effective FM and improved customer experience.

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Managing a outside of a workplace using nanotechnology
November 2016

Managing the Workplace Inside and Out

Workplace is high on the facilities management agenda, but what about outside of the building? SWG looks at nanotechnology developments in building materials and battery life.

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Making Sense of CAFM - blog by Service Works
April 2016

Making Sense of CAFM

What is CAFM? Read on to see what CAFM software does, and how it can benefit the facilities management in your business.

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