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A sustainable, ethical employer

As part of Addnode Group, SWG is committed to building a sustainable, fair and ethical future for our staff, customers and society in general.

For further details, see: https://www.addnodegroup.com/sustainability/sustainability-agenda/

The Sustainability Agenda is complemented by a Code of Conduct and Sustainability Policy that set a framework for how we interact with each other within the Group, and with our external stakeholders.

Within Addnode Group, there is an active Sustainability Working Group, with representatives from each group company, including SWG. This group meet regularly to review sustainability targets, strategies and performance, to continually improve performance from an environmental, ethical and societal perspective.

As part of its sustainability agenda, Addnode Group is committed to gender equality at all levels, including reporting annually on gender diversity. At SWG, we are proud that just under 50% of our senior leadership team is female, which is well above the industry average for our sector – see https://www.swg.com/meet-the-team/