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Every year Archibus releases their latest version of the platform.

Follow us, as we look at the new features within V.25.1. They include:

  • Refreshed Web User Interface
  • The Mobile Maintenance App
  • The Space Console
  • System Administration


Refreshed Web User Interface

The first thing you will notice when you open the new Archibus version 25.1 is the refreshed web user interface. The old process navigator makes way for the more dynamic side bar navigation. While users will recognise the hierarchy layout, the side bar expands across the screen as you navigate and is organised with renamed modules and applications (e.g. Corrective Maintenance replaces On Demand work), split into quick access shortcuts and full navigation and now shows navigation icons to aid quick selection.


The side bar navigation also houses the new user Favourites function, simply click on the star in a view or report and it will appear in the list. The side bar also includes a relocated view search function which continues to offer users quick access to lost views anywhere across Archibus. The side bar can be collapsed to open up the screen size for your work, leaving a thin bar of icons visible for when you need to return. The new UI includes nice little touches too like a…….
…..glorious spinning wheel for longer page loads – at last! Watch out though for the new left alignment of standard view buttons like Add, Save and Delete, that might leave more seasoned users clicking thin air over on the right.

The existing Home Page navigation can be used in conjunction with the side bar, although there is a push towards these being used as more graphical dashboard navigations. The Tasks option has been removed and the default pages no longer include task links as standard. Home Page navigations still offer organisations a great way of tailoring the product for different groups of users and presenting heads-up display information and we see it playing an important part of customer facing systems.


The new look extends across into the updated workplace function, with simple graphical screens optimised for touch screen use. It is now easily configurable to your organisations service catalogue, branding, with controllable menus and graphics. Set up is managed in the Service Desk role with a new view with lots of great options including the addition of request specific guidance so you can make sure users know exactly what they need to do. Fields and options can also be turned off for each request type which helps keep the request forms clean and simple.

The workplace function continues to offer excellent visibility of the valuable data you hold by providing easy to access tools such as finding rooms, staff or organisational areas as well as visibility of the floor plan graphics.


The Mobile Maintenance App

The mobile maintenance app has seen some fantastic improvements through the redesign of the interface. The new screens have been reworked very much from a user’s perspective to simplify how your workforce record their work activity. Screens include large function buttons for starting, updating and completing work, helping users log work more quickly and with fewer clicks. Starting a job prompts the user to select a work type which automatically begins running the timer for the work entry and time is accurately recorded with minimal effort.  Basic forms prompt the user at each step of the main workflow and big action buttons like ‘Resume’ on the main menu will mean you can quickly carry on with work you’ve already started. We are confident that users will love the new app spending less time on their mobile and more time delivering services.

A-5.jpg A-6.jpg

The Space Console

For space users of Archibus, changes in 25.1 are focussed on the Space Console administrators view. The view has been re-arranged and condensed to include new functions while retaining a large viewing panel. Floors are selected using the new smart search box, which provides quick access to your floorplans while taking up less space on your screen. Selecting a search result displays the floorplan automatically which now feels quick and responsive. More complex filters can still be applied now using the Advanced Search function, with increased search options that allows organisations with a variety of data structures to use the function to find specific spaces.

The viewing options have been re-organised and given nice new icons and menus for controlling the display and highlight querying of both 2D and 3D plans. You will soon get used to them and start enjoying the extra screen space they give you!


System Administration

Behind the scenes are big changes too. The Archibus Connectors tool, for years has been the go to place for system integrations, and is now accompanied by a set of true REST APIs. These can be used to quickly establish data flows between Archibus and other applications or data sources. The APIs cover; generic data access – for access and update from anywhere with Archibus, service desk – for integrating with other service management solutions / processes, employee locations – for synchronising data staff locations with ERP solutions etc. We are particularly excited about the service desk API and how it will simplify the connection of request workflows between different platforms.

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