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Service Works Global FM, BIM and PPP newsletter

As we step into the last quarter of the year, facilities management continues to evolve, driven by technological advancements and a renewed focus on efficiency, sustainability, and safety. For Service Works Global (SWG) the last three months have included celebrating 75 years of the NHS, ISO certification renewals and advice provided to industry publications. Read on in our newsletter to see what resources we have been developing and researching over the last few months.


ISO Certification Renewal

Service Works Global is pleased to announce the successful renewal of our ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 27001 (information security management) certifications, as audited by the British Assessment Bureau. The process for achieving these ISO certifications is rigorous and demanding, thoroughly investigating quality and security measures across all areas of the company. Through proven adherence to these standards, Service Works Global reaffirms its commitment to providing exceptional quality and security in all aspects of business operations.

Celebrating 75 Years of the NHS

This summer marked the 75th anniversary of the National Health Service (NHS). Founded in the aftermath of a war represented a new era of free healthcare and national cohesion. Ever since, the NHS has continued to be a lifeline for millions of people, helping to save lives, heal injuries and remedy illnesses. Celebrating their past, present and future contributions, we reflected on everything the national health service provides to the United Kingdom (UK) and highlighted a selection of SWG’s NHS clients and their fantastic work in the world of FM.

BIM and FM Knowledge Share

The Concrete Crisis Could have been Avoided with a Proactive FM Strategy

In the UK more than 100 schools had to close due to reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) – or “crumbling concrete” – in their walls, creating national news. SWG’s Marketing and Operations Director Hazel Bedson appeared on Sky News to discuss the closures of schools due to insufficient building materials and speak about the role of FM teams alongside the government and local authorities in tackling this issue as well as the importance of utilising technology to manage and maintain buildings and their assets. SWG were also featured in People Management and FM Director exploring how a proactive approach can prevent such issues.

How FMs Can Embrace Tech in the Era of Flexible Work

Flexible working brings about a new set of challenges from the pre-pandemic workplace, and FM teams are right at the forefront. By leveraging data, facilities managers can adapt to flexible workplaces, improve efficiencies and unlock cost savings. Featured in FM Magazine, Samantha Fuller, SWG’s International General Manager, explores how smart buildings and integrated technology can help with the transition to hybrid workplaces.

Ensuring Good Health and Safety at Work

As the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Act 2023 was passed into law, an accompanying schedule listing large amounts of legislation that is set to be ‘sunsetted’ by the end of 2023. While health and safety legislation was not among that to be removed, there remains the possibility it could be revoked in the future. Penny Brinsley, our Account Director, was featured in the FM Clinic of Facilities Management Journal providing her perspective on what can be done to ensure good health and safety at work.

Possible Challenges the Flexible Working Bill May Bring

The new legislation in the Flexible Working Bill is undoubtedly a huge leap forward in terms of inclusivity for employees, but the potential of more staff requesting flexible work could create challenges for business leaders that are unprepared for fluctuating levels of office occupancy. Hazel Bedson, Marketing & Operations Director, SWG, explains in Facilitate Magazine that every facilities management professional should be aware of the new legislation as it will require more for those in the sector.

Optimising Energy Management in Education Estates

A university’s sustainability policies and stances towards the environment are important factors in a student’s choice to attend according to new studies. Through the use of facilities management software, education estates can prioritise their energy management through better asset management, sensors and system integration. SWG, uses our Cardiff University case study to demonstrate how in Campus Estate Management Magazine.

How Stadiums Can Manage Maintenance Requests On Event Days

Managing maintenance requests at large stadiums is a challenge at the best of times. On event days, it’s a whole different level. At some of the largest stadiums 100 requests come in on event days from in‑house staff and external contractors, compared to around 20 on other days. A CAFM software can streamline work requests and improve the rate of first‑time fixes – both huge benefits during event days. Penny Brinsley, Account Director, Service Works Global, comments on best practice for managing maintenance requests on event days at stadiums featured in Football & Stadium Magazine.

For more details on any of these items, please email us at info@swg.com.