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BIM reality capture and modelling SWG
8th March 2023

Digital Journey

SWG explore the benefits of digitalisation in the built environment and advise how FMs can start the digital journey as illustrated by two case studies.

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7th December 2022

SWG Newsletter December 2022

SWG’s latest newsletter highlights our latest software launch and other updates on how we’re helping FMs around the world.

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The digital twin journey webinar | Service Works Global
25th October 2022

The Digital Twin Journey Webinar

Join SWG, the IWFM and Microsoft on 2 November for an hour’s webinar addressing the practical considerations of digital twins, and providing guidance for those looking to unlock the benefits.

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6th July 2022

SWG Newsletter July 2022

SWG’s latest newsletter highlights our return to in-person events, new industry collaborations and complimentary FM and BIM resources.

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5th October 2021

SWG Newsletter October 2021

We’re pleased to share an update on how Service Works Global is working to help facilities management professionals across the world.

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BIM reality capture services - SWG
6th November 2019

BIM: The Great FM Divide

Gary Watkins, CEO of SWG, provides an update on building information modelling (BIM) and looks at the new technology that’s making it easier for FMs to use.

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How to choose a CAFM mobile app
30th August 2018

Latest QFM Release

The latest version of QFM includes a range of new features to streamline facilities operations.

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17th May 2018

Asia Pacific: QFM Online Demonstration

Have you seen what’s new in QFM? Sign up for any of our complimentary 30 minute webinars at 1pm AEST each day for a demonstration of how our new functionality can make your life easier. Click here to book now.   Asset lifecycle Mobile app configuration & customisation Linear asset management BIM Monday, 18 June Tuesday, 19 June […]

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Service Works Group CAFM and PPP O&M software
19th March 2018

QFM User Group

This year’s QFM User Group takes place on Thursday 22nd March in central London, read on for more details and agenda.

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27th February 2018

Asia Pacific: Express Online QFM Training Courses

The Latest Series of Express Online QFM Training Courses If you would benefit from additional QFM training, or you have new team members who need to know how to use the system, we have a new selection of express training courses to suit your needs. Service Works has condensed some of its popular courses into […]

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How useful is BIM in facilities management?
20th November 2017

Forward With BIM

The value of BIM to facilities management is becoming more widely understood – SWG’s CEO discusses BIM with FMJ.

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Addnode Group acquires CAFM software provider service works group
1st August 2017

Addnode Group Acquires Service Works Group

With over 1,000 client sites across the globe, SWG will continue to design, develop and support QFM and P3rform, its market leading Facilities Management and PPP performance software applications, across the globe.

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The Stoddard Review - outlining how businesses can improving productivity
20th December 2016

Service Works Group Supports The Stoddart Review

Service Works Group is proud to announce that is has become a supporting organisation for the Stoddart Review, which was established to bring together the thoughts of business leaders and world-leading thinkers in the provision of high performing workplaces.

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Top tech trends for 2017 in facilities management
24th October 2016

Top Tech Trends for FM – 2017

Service Works predicts ten technology trends that facilities managers can expect to plan for in 2017, including mobile, IoT and wearables for FMs.

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See Service Works Group's mobile CAFM software at the Facilities Show
16th June 2016

Facilities Show – VIP Access for Clients

Next week, Service Works will be exhibiting at the Facilities Show in London’s Excel Centre, where we’ll be demonstrating the latest web and mobile enhancements to QFM Software on stand N1300. If you are also planning to attend the event, we would be delighted to meet with you there. As a valued client, we also would like […]

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CAFM software from Service Works serves the NSW Parliament
30th November 2015

QFM Software Serves the New South Wales Parliament

As published in the November issue of Facility Management magazine, this article explains how QFM Software from Service Works Group has enabled the Parliament of New South Wales to streamline maintenance job-logging processes, create efficiencies and ensure complete FM auditability.

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SWG Webinar - Facilities Management Trends for 2016
23rd November 2015

Videos: FM Trends in 2016

In a series of short videos, Andrew Wilkinson, Strategy and Marketing Director of Sodexo and Mark Kirkham, Director of Service Works briefly address some of the issues that will affect Facilities Management in 2016.

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Service Works Group predicts the future for Facilities Managers in 2016.
9th October 2015

Top 10 Emerging Tech Trends for FMs in 2016

Service Works Group (SWG) has released its top 10 predictions in FM technology trends for 2016 and what these mean for facilities managers to remain competitive and relevant as the industry adapts to meet changes in standards and growing demands.

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How smarter CAFM technology is enabling agile and flexible working
24th July 2015

Smarter Working

In this feature FMJ asks Service Works whether a truly complete mobile solution is feasible in the near future, and whether this could herald the end of the office

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How QFM software from Service Works has played a vital role at ACS International Schools
19th June 2015

Schooled in Service

This article examines how QFM Software from Service Works Group has played a vital role in enhancing service delivery at ACS International Schools in London.

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BIFM & Service Works Good Practice Guide to Selecting FM Software
9th April 2015

Good Practice Guide to Selecting FM Software

Published by the BIFM in collaboration with Service Works, the guide provides information about the critical issues involved in selecting and implementing a software solution for FM and looks at key technology trends that may influence the decision-making processes.

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BIFM Education Special Interest Group event
27th March 2015

The FM Challenge in Education

From leadership and management to technical and compliance knowledge, the key role of the facilities manager in education is the topic of the BIFM Education Special Interest Group event on Wednesday 15 April.

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Service Works interview - The Future of Everything and the Role of CAFM
16th March 2015

The Future of Everything

Service Works takes part in an article by FMJ (Facilities Management Journal), asking what industry experts think the workplace of twenty years will look like, and what role CAFM will play.

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Facilities management software survey results - Service Works Group
10th December 2014

Survey to Build a Picture of FM Software Usage

The Facilities Show, in collaboration with international FM software provider Service Works Group, is conducting the latest UK FM Software Survey which aims to provide the most complete and thought-provoking picture of how technology is impacting the profession.

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Edith Cowan University and QFM facilities management software from Service Works
26th November 2014

Mastering Facilities Management at Edith Cowan University

This article examines how Edith Cowan University manages the renewal and expansion of its estate. The University recognises the importance of maintaining its facilities in order to remain at the forefront of academic and research excellence. It uses QFM Software to manage its buildings and services and the product’s inbuilt reporting to identify trends and drive strategy.

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Performance Management in Facilities Management using CAFM Software
21st November 2014

Stepping Up Your Performance Management

This article, based on Service Works’ white paper ‘Performance Excellence in Maintenance Management’, looks at the importance of demonstrating good performance and the measures that maintenance teams can implement to improve operational output.

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Research by Service Works reveals insight into FM performance management
9th October 2014

Webinar Reveals Insight into FM Performance

A recent webinar hosted by Service Works and the Facilities Show revealed valuable insights into how FM performance is measured across the industry. The statistics address topics including the usage of SLAs and KPIs, input and output specifications, and the usage of technology to manage performance.

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Service Works discusses how future CAFM systems will benefit facilities managers
7th October 2014

Mindful of the Future

Industry expert Gary Watkins, CEO of Service Works, and other CAFM professionals discuss the relevance and future of CAFM systems with the rapid advancements in technology.

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Service Works' poll reveals confusion among FMs over sotware acronyms
1st August 2014

FM Software Acronyms Poll Reveals Confusion

A recent poll by Service Works revealed that the numerous acronyms used to describe FM software are causing confusion. A variety of different terms, including CAFM, CMMS, IWMS and MMS are used, but many believe that they all offer broadly similar functionality.

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QFM facilities management software, Monarch Aircraft Engineering case study
13th July 2014

Taking to the Skies

A case study of Monarch Aircraft Engineering’s aircraft hangar in Birmingham, the maintenance of which is managed using QFM software from Service Works. To view this article as a PDF click here. July 2014 Taking to the Skies Birmingham Airport has ambition, the most prominent symbol of which is Monarch Aircraft Engineering’s (MAEL) massive aircraft […]

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The Importance of BIM - industry discussion by Service Works Group (SWG)
1st July 2014

The Ostrich Dilemma

In this PFM cover story, FM industry experts discuss the importance of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the importance of generating awareness.

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How mobile devices are changing the FM landscape with CAFM software on the go - article by Service Works
1st May 2014

The Way of the Future

Mark Kirkham, Director of Service Works and FM industry experts discuss the benefits, limitations and future of mobile devices for facilities managers.

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Mobile technology in facilities management from SWG
1st February 2014

On the Move

FM software expert Service Works Group’s managing director Gary Watkins explains how facilities professionals can work more effectively and efficiently using mobile technology in this edition of FMJ.

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QFM Mobile - CAFM Software to allow FM managers to work flexibly and remotely
1st February 2014

Transforming FM with Mobile Technology

Gary Watkins, CEO of Service Works, explores how the revolution of mobile technology benefits the FM industry by allowing FMs to work flexibly and remotely; reducing costs, improving productivity and service levels.

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Big Data in FM - Service Works looks at informed decision making though software
20th January 2014

Big Data – Big Impact

Gary Watkins, Service Works’ CEO explains how FM data enables informed decisions in this article discussing how important FM data is in strategic property decisions.

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Choosing and implementing CAFM software: BIFM Good Practice Guide to Selecting FM Software
1st January 2014

Software Systems Are Go

Exploring The BIFM Good Practice Guide to Selecting FM Software, written by Annie Gales, Director of Service Works, this article in FMJ explains how to choose software, prepare an effective business case and implement IWMS technology.

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Service Works Facilities Management article: Benchmarking in FM
1st January 2014

Making a Mark on FM

Mark Kirkham, Director of Service Works, and other leading industry experts discuss the importance of benchmarking to compare and improve FM operations, provide advice for undertaking accurate benchmarking and address the challenges involved.

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28th September 2022

SWI Newsletter September 2022

SWI’s latest newsletter highlights our focus on cyber security, ISO certification renewal and upcoming presentation at the Smart Buildings Show.

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11th June 2021

SWG Newsletter June 2021

We’re pleased to share an update on how Service Works Global is working to help facilities management professionals across the world.

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Service Works discusses how future CAFM systems will benefit facilities managers
7th October 2014

Mindful of the Future

Industry expert Gary Watkins, CEO of Service Works, and other CAFM professionals discuss the relevance and future of CAFM systems with the rapid advancements in technology.

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