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Service Level Agreements & Contract Management

Ensuring that service delivery levels meet contractual obligations is essential to ensure client retention and increase revenue. QFM SLA and contract management software centralises the management of your service contracts, allowing you to monitor service delivery levels in real-time, to improve contractor performance, optimise service quality and increase cost efficiency.  Flexible, automated customer surveys are integrated within QFM, allowing capture of feedback via email or on mobile devices, in order to improve performance levels.

  • Performance monitoring and measurement against contractual obligations
  • Automated job costing based on pre-defined labour rates, travel, materials, and quality output
  • ‘Stop the clock’ feature secures greater accuracy of performance when a job cannot be completed on the first visit (e.g. due to missing parts)
  • Contractor bonus and rebate management
  • Contractor invoice reconciliation delivers analytical performance reporting (e.g. contractor or sub-contractor performance by period, type, time or failure)

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