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Service Works Global (SWG) has announced its upcoming talk at the Workplace Futures conference entitled: How converging technologies are shaping user experience. The conference will take place on Tuesday 20th February in London with a variety of speakers discussing this year’s theme of ‘People and Tech: A symbiotic relationship’.

The presentation will cover the role of new technology in facilities management and how it works with and benefits building users. The presenters will address how IoT and AI technology are being adapted in Sweden, and how this could and should be more widely adopted in the UK to deliver benefits in terms of user experience, efficiency and sustainability.

The speakers are Mats Broman, managing director of SWG Nordic, Marc Watkins, business development director, and Hazel Bedson, group marketing director, Broman will discuss how Sweden is a world leader in sustainability commitments and share best practices that could be adopted in the UK.

Hazel Bedson, group marketing director at SWG, said: “We are excited to be presenting at Workplace Futures, bringing examples of our work in Sweden, exploring predictive preventative maintenance and how we can integrate more of this technology in the UK. Highlighting how technology can improve efficiencies, optimise the user experience and help businesses reach net zero faster is a key element of what we are hoping to convey at this year’s conference.”

David Emanuel, managing director of i-FM, organisers of Workplace Futures, commented: “This landmark event, now in its 18th year, always sets out to challenge delegate perceptions and provide essential takeaways, along with plenty of valuable insights into trends and opportunities in the industry. This year’s theme couldn’t be more timely: technology is already having a major impact on FM, shaping our response to customer needs and expectations, and opening up whole new paths to greater efficiency, security, comfort and wellbeing. But it is essential that we as service providers get it right for our customers, tailoring solutions to their requirements and budgets. SWG – and all our speakers – are on board precisely because they have the expertise and experience to help make this another great event.”

To find out more about the Workplace Futures conference, visit https://www.workplace-futures.co.uk/

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