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Asset Management Asset Lifecycle Management CAFM software

QFM effectively manages assets across their whole lifecycle, reducing asset downtime, improving performance, extending asset life and lowering maintenance costs. It allows you to manage your assets and buildings efficiently by centralising equipment data, and streamlining audits and inspections. The software highlights the most cost effective method of maintaining an asset (periodic maintenance, call out or complete refurbishment). QFM is also able to fully capture long-term maintenance expenditure against assets and predict the cost of maintaining equipment over a specified timescale, for example, the term of a contract. In-depth reporting compares planned against actual maintenance expenditure to aid benchmarking and predict future spend.

  • Asset register tracks equipment based on location, model types and groups; capturing cost codes and management structures
  • Assets link to components to streamline maintenance and refurbishment
  • Asset tracking is improved with integrated bar codes and QR codes
  • Evaluate an asset’s true cost of over a time period and calculate asset depreciation
  • Asset inventory and movement can be managed and performance reports generated
  • Real-time asset condition can be monitored through BMS integration with CAFM software
  • Compare planned and actual equipment performance
  • Compare planned maintenance costs with reactive expenditure
  • Multiple maintenance plans can be quickly evaluated

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